Mixing Instructions for HCG24 Kits

Mixing your HCG should be done with caution. You should know the exact amount of hormone to mix and understand all the steps involve in mixing. It may sound intimidating at first but we have a very clear instruction on how to mix the HCG safely. So, set aside all your worries because we’re going to walk you through each steps in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 vial of HCG of 5000
  • Bacteriostatic water (10 ml)
  • Large syringe for mixing
  • Alcohol pad

Here’s how to mix:

Step 1:

Your HCG should be mixed in a sterile environment and don’t forget to wash your hands before mixing it. Using an alcohol pad, wipe clean the top of the bacteriostatic water vial and the vial that contains the human chorionic gonadotropin vial.

Step 2:

Withdraw 5 ml of bacteriostatic water using the large mixing syringe. Inject the bacteriostatic water into the side of the sterilized vial that contains the powdered hormone. Do not inject directly on top of the HCG powder. The HCG vial will have a rubber top and the needle will easily pierce on it. Do not remove the rubber top.

Step 3:

Gently swirl the vial between your palm to evenly mix the powder HCG and the bacteriostatic water. Do not shake the vial. Once the mixture is evenly mixed you need to keep the vial refrigerated all the time.


  • These reconstitution instructions are for dieters who are using the 5000iu of HCG only. If you’re dose is 125iu, you will have enough to last for 26 days but if you are following the 46-day protocol you’ll need to have two vials of HCG. However, you’re not supposed to mix the second vial until the second half of your diet.
  • For those who are using the 2000iu, you follow the same directions but you will only add 2ml of bacteriostatic water to the HCG vial. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to talk to our customer support representative.

How much to inject?

Most dieter takes anywhere between 125iu to 200iu per day as their sweet spot but you have to find your dose for no/ limited hunger. 150iu is a good starting point but if you not have much weight to lose start your dose using 125iu. 125iu is the lowest dose a person could ever take on the diet and go from there.  If you only have 15 pounds or less to lose, you’ll fell best on 125iu only.

On a rare occasion, some may need as high as 200iu particularly for men. While women on the menopausal stage may need a dose as low as 75iu for them not to feel hungry. Majority of females on the other hand do their best with the least hunger on a dose between 125iu- 175iu.

The leaner you become, the lower the dose you need. Now, when you start losing weight, you can gradually reduce your dose. Most overweight people do not feel hungry on 150iu -175iu but when they get smaller, they tend to get hungrier on that dose. The only way to eliminate hunger pains is to reduce the dose to 125iu.

How to adjust your dose of HCG?

  • If you started using the lowest dose of 125iu and you felt hungry you just need to raise your dose.
  • If your dose is 150iu, observe how you do during the diet. What’s your hunger level? If you are feeling hungry towards the end of the day, it’s an indication that your dose can be too low so you need to increase it. However, if you are feeling hungry earlier in the day, your dose can be too high and you need to lower your dose to 125iu.
  • If you are hungry all day long you are likely on too much dose or too low.

The right dose on the syringe

For 5000iu of HCG mixed with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water. Draw the following dosages using our sterile 1ml insulin syringe of 40 units with 6-mm ultra-fine needle.

Dosages to draw on the syringe

  • 125iu= 5 units
  • 150iu= 6 units
  • 175iu= 7 units
  • 200iu= 8 units
  • 225iu= 9 units
  • 250iu= 10 units

The minimum dose to draw is 5 units or 125iu. The ultra-fine needle reduces the risk of injecting into the muscle which is important for consistent absorption of HCG into the fat tissue.